If you are looking to sell your home, the professionals with Glenn Realty Group are here to help.

We realize that selling your home can seem like a daunting task, that is why we have compiled a quick guide of things to consider when you are trying to sell your home.

  • Let the sun shine in

    Even if you may find coming home to a dark home relaxing at the end of a long day, potential buyers probably will not. They will want to see how bright and open their potential new home can be. This also goes for interior lighting. While going for commercial levels of brightness might be a bit overkill, be sure to showcase how bright your home is by ensuring you have ample lighting throughout it.

  • First Impressions are lasting

    Make sure that the exterior of your home looks clean and well maintained. You could have the most beautiful interior to your home but if the exterior has chipped paint, overgrown landscaping, or generally looks like it is in disrepair, then you are going to immediately turn off potential buyers. Often times a stunning exterior can compensate for flaws on the inside of your home. Remove any toys, put away your tools, close your garage, update your landscaping and incorporate colorful flowers for starters.

  • From Top To Bottom

    We understand that you need to store seasonal decorations, keepsakes, and other doodads you have collected over the years, but leaving storage spaces cluttered will make your home seem smaller than it really is. Consider renting a storage unit on a temporary basis to de-clutter your house and showcase how much storage it has by opening up some floor space. Also address any signs of decay, bad wiring, and leaky pipes. Invest a few hundred dollars to address these issues before potential buyers notice them.

  • Fix that faucet

    Leaky faucets are an immediate red flag to potential home buyers because it suggests that they are getting involved with a “fixer upper” from the moment they take ownership.

  • Arrange rooms neatly

    Keeping with the theme of organization, you will want to remove any excess furniture, clean your fireplace, and generally organize your house to showcase how much space it has. It is the little things that count here.

  • Decorate for a quick sale

    You have to spend money to make money. Invest some time, elbow grease, and a little money to spruce up your home and give it a fresh new look. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, update some of the lighting fixtures, or even rent some furniture to stage your home for potential buyers. This will help to ensure a faster sale at a higher price.

  • Make a closet look bigger

    Organize your closet to show how much space it has. If your closet is normally packs to capacity, trim down your wardrobe for a couple weeks while you are showing your house.

  • Bathrooms help sell homes

    Clean bathrooms are a must. No one wants to buy a home with soap stains, facial hair, and moldy caulking. Clean it.

  • Pets Underfoot

    It is a generally good idea to keep Mr. Whiskers or Fido outside while you are showing your home. While they may be part of your family, they are not part of your potential buyer’s family and can deter buyers from selecting your home as their next home.

  • Be it ever so humble

    All this being said, you never have to apologize for the appearance of your home. It has been lived in, potential buyers will understand that; it is the responsibility of the buyer’s agent to address any questions or concerns they may have while viewing your home.

  • Use your agent!

    Do not show your home yourself; let your agent schedule appointments to show your home to prospective buyers. This will help ensure the safety and security of your home when someone is viewing it and will help to close the sale faster.

  • A word to the wise

    You have retained a REALTOR® for a reason, and that reason is to sell your home. Let them handle negotiations surrounding price, terms, possession and other factors with the buyer. This is their job and they are highly qualified to handle these situations.